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Most people are aware of wheelchair sport such as Track & Field and Basketball. What most people don’t know is that the disabled can also play ice hockey. The format name for it is Sled Hockey (Sledge Hockey in Canada and Europe). Sledge Hockey was first developed in Norway in 1971 in order to meet the special recreational, emotional and physical needs of disabled children and adults.

Sled hockey is an exciting alternative sport that uses the rules of hockey. However, instead of skating, the players sit on a specially designed sled and use two short ice picks to propel themselves across the ice. Standard hockey rules apply. Legal body contact and raised puck shooting are as much a part of sled hockey as they are in traditional hockey.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an Athlete

To hear the roar of the crowd from the floor of the arena and not from the seats? To dress with team? To listen to the coach as he gives last minute instructions for the next big game? To be a part of something very few people will ever have the experience of being a part of? If you have ever wanted to experience what this would be like, but thought this could never happen to me? Well then, do we have an opportunity for you! Currently, this sport is being expanded into the Florida area and the teams are actively seeking players.


Sled hockey participants discover that piloting a sled is fun and a great form of exercise. It increases strength and coordination and also conditions the lower body. The balance used to propel, play the puck, turn and stop gives legs, back, and abdominal muscles a real work out. In fact, paraplegics playing regularly notice an increase in balance when using their wheelchairs


Equipment for the sport consists of a tubular framed sledge, about 1.5 meters (4-5 feet) long and approximately 7 cm (3 inches of the ice, with two hockey skate blades mounted beneath the seat. A portion of the front frame rests on the ice and provides lateral stability. Straps around the ankles, knees, and waist securely hold the player on the sledge.

Two half meter (1.5 foot) sticks are used. The sticks are modified hockey sticks with 4 cm teeth attached to the bottom of the non-blade end. Leaning left or right while digging the stick into the ice turns the sled. Players slide to a stop on one or both blades like a skater. All players wear regulation protective hockey equipment.

Who Can Play?

The wonderful thing about sled hockey is that anyone can play. This sport is played by both males and females. It’s a sport that totally integrates players with mobility limitations, amputees, and able-bodied people with knee, leg or hip injuries that limit their participation in standard hockey.

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Children for Peace

Children for Peace

The education is an inalienable right and it is incumbent to all human beings. The lack of economic resources of some third world countries has denied millions of children the opportunity to have a better future. Since education helps shape and elevates the academic levels of our societies, it is considered a high-priority goal for MAPET International Foundation. A commitment has been made to launch ambitious campaigns to reach these goals in the next five years.

With this objective in sight, experimental plans have been designed and will be put in practice in different countries from the Andes area and will later be implemented in the central american countries and the Caribbean. The schools at primary and secondary levels benefited by these programs of economic aid will offer vocational courses so that once intermediate education is finalized, the students can continue their graduate studies with the confidence and guarantee of knowing that they have made a wise career decision.

The members and volunteers of MAPET International Foundation have the conviction that there are no impossible tasks if and when generosity is present in the hearts of those who labor and contribute to a noble cause.

This optimism is the driving force behind our belief in reaching our goal to have millions of children and young people reach their objectives that otherwise they saw so distant and unattainable. We will combine efforts to construct a better world, where race, color, religion, economic, or social situations are not a limitation.

This will assure children of today the ability to attain their goals, paving their way to become professionals in their fields and constituting the essential support for our society.

Theme Song: MAPET Foundation- Children for Peace 
Based on Original Idea: Manuel Mario PErez
Lyrics and Music: Jose Antonio Rodriguez
Music Arrangment: Ambiorix Francisco
Audio Mix : Allan Leschhorn
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Amazon Project

AMAZON “The Lung of the Earth”


The Amazon is a continuous tropical forest, larger than Occidental Europe and has been described as “The Lung of the Earth” due to its oxygen producing capacity. Detailed studies that have been made relating to the destiny of the largest tropical forest of the world and estimates that for the year 2020, it is possible that only 5% of the Amazon will conserve its primitive and wild state as a result of ambitious and vast programs and projects that men carry out without evaluating the consequences, and the ecological impact that these can produce to “The Lung of the Earth”.

The Brazilian Amazon deforestation statistics has increased by 40%, according to studies realized for the month of June 2003. The construction of roads, railroads, farms, hydroelectric plants and mines makes the ecologists fear that during this process, they will destroy 30% of animal and vegetable growth of the planet, and in addition a great resource of medicines.

The Amazon forest is the home and refuge of the Xavante, Terena, Kaiapo, Wauna, Xokleng Tribes among others. These Indian tribes maintain their traditions and customs handed down from their ancestors.

The study published by “Science” magazine, shows two possible alternatives: “An optimistic future” and a “non-optimistic future”. Both possibilities indicate that the actual exploitation program will produce a radical transformation in the region. According to the less optimistic previsions, in the year 2020 more than 95% of the Amazon will have lost its original state and 42% of the forest. It will be totally striped and much deprived. In addition, the most optimistic studies, suggest that half of the Amazon will no longer be intact and 30% will be lost forever.

Among the objectives of the MAPET International Foundation, Inc. is the preservation of the ecosystem, reason why the Amazon Preservation Project was born, and will include one million hectares of virgin forest. MAPET International Foundation, Inc., has a goal of protecting and maintaining its original state of one million of hectares, in addition it plans to initiate investigational and educational projects which it will carryout in installations that will be situated in the same forest. The indigenous tribes that live in the area of a million hectares will be protected and secured thus maintaining intact their way of life and traditions. This dream can be realized thanks to the support of each and every one of you and the MAPET International Foundation team.

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