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Today, the living memory of this child brings programs to life that are beginning to take shape and helps develop projects that will make the difference. In this struggle between pain, grievance and the intention of honoring the memory of a loved one on a daily basis, is when MAPET International Foundation, Inc., is born.
We, as the people in charge of this foundation, are convinced that there is no such thing as impossible goals as long as good people with good hearts contribute to this great cause. This optimism is what allows us to hope that in the near future millions of young kids will be able to achieve those objectives, which for them were once so distant and unreachable.
Together we will work to build a fair world where race, color, social or economic status will not be an obstacle. This will allow the children to reach their goals and become honest professionals supporting today’s society.


Working side by side with International Organizations and Institutions to protect the environment, will allow that the development of protected areas be done in harmony with the preservation of nature. Those of us who make up this foundation …. are convinced that there are no impossible goals, if there exists good hearts who contribute to a great cause. That optimism is the one that permits us to hope that in a near future millions of young kids will be able to achieve those objectives, which for them were once distant and unreachable.
The foundation is a non-for-profit organization devoted to the excelling of areas such as in Education, Medicine and the preservation of the Environment which go directly toward the benefit of the social circles most needed in countries of Central and South America, the Caribbean and Africa.
With your contribution and the hard work of those who form part of the team of MAPET International Foundation, we will be able to lend a hand to those most in need.