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peaceThe education is an inalienable right and it is incumbent to all human beings. The lack of economic resources of some third world countries has denied millions of children the opportunity to have a better future. Since education helps shape and elevates the academic levels of our societies, it is considered a high-priority goal for MAPET International Foundation. A commitment has been made to launch ambitious campaigns to reach these goals in the next five years.
With this objective in sight, experimental plans have been designed and will be put in practice in different countries from the Andes area and will later be implemented in the central american countries and the Caribbean. The schools at primary and secondary levels benefited by these programs of economic aid will offer vocational courses so that once intermediate education is finalized, the students can continue their graduate studies with the confidence and guarantee of knowing that they have made a wise career decision.
The members and volunteers of MAPET International Foundation have the conviction that there are no impossible tasks if and when generosity is present in the hearts of those who labor and contribute to a noble cause.
This optimism is the driving force behind our belief in reaching our goal to have millions of children and young people reach their objectives that otherwise they saw so distant and unattainable. We will combine efforts to construct a better world, where race, color, religion, economic, or social situations are not a limitation.
This will assure children of today the ability to attain their goals, paving their way to become professionals in their fields and constituting the essential support for our society.

Theme Song: MAPET Foundation- Children for Peace
Based on Original Idea: Mario Perez de Rivera
Lyrics and Music: Jose Antonio Rodriguez
Music Arrangment: Ambiorix Francisco
Audio Mix : Allan Leschhorn