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vacunaImmunization Program. MAPET-Angel of Protection
Immunization saves between 2 to 3 millions of lives yearly. Vaccines are to protect children from devastating diseases and play a role to end pediatric deaths.
Today you can be part of an Immunization Campaign from “MAPET- Angel Protection”. The immunization program allows to identify children left out from the health system and to provide vitals services to children and mothers.
Today, vaccines protect thousands of millions of children, but one of every five children less than five years old do not receive their basic vaccines to survive and maintain health. Low level of immunization of poor and marginalized children put in danger previous accomplishments from other schemes of health of maternal and infant morbidity.
Our immunization program is an effort to strength the vaccination campaign. We should consider that in the world, one of every five children are not vaccinated due to many reasons, among those are insufficient supply of vaccines, lack of access to health services, lack of information, among others.
Vaccines have avoided millions of death.
Vaccines are important to protect people from illnesses that can leave scars, death and mutilated individuals.
For example, due to vaccinations, world morality from measles, dropped from 75% between 2000 and 2013.

 Preventable illness using the most common vaccines
 Vaccine DTP3  Measles
 Vaccine MMR  Poliomyelitis
 Hepatitis B

The immunization came as a response of epidemics diseases with a high rate of mortality. The first vaccines was created in 1796 by Edward Jenner, that proved that by infecting humans with Small Pox from cows illnesses (that is the reason of the word vaccine), the response was a mild illness different from Small Pox, but protected from the illness. The vaccines evolved, and with the universal applications and other epidemiologic measurements, Chicken Pox was eradicated in 1978.
The World Health Organization did the second great campaign of eradication. It was established in 1988 against Poliomyelitis. This vaccine existed since the end of the fifties. Only three countries are not been able to eradicate Polio (Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan) and even today there are other countries that have sporadic cases.
Even with the greats advances of the immunization campaign in the last few years, there are certain towns or small populations not yet vaccinated, vulnerable to suffer preventable diseases. In the world 21.8 millions of children have not receive the basic vaccines. You can help through our “MAPET-Angel of Protection Program.

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